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Will a combi boiler save me money

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  • 29-07-2019
Will a combi boiler save me money

Prices, extra costs and installation charges

For many people who want to get a new boiler, the first and most common mistake they make is to go online and Google the prices of a new boiler. If you do this the results of the search can mislead you into thinking that you can get a new boiler purchased and installed for around £1,000 or less. The average cost of fully installing a boiler will cost you around £2,300.

The typical range is between £1,500 and £4,000. Which is dependant on several things, such as the size of the boiler, the labour needed to install and any extra costs.

For you to get a clearer picture of what we are talking about, here are a few examples.

A modern flat

Assuming you live in a reasonably modern apartment and you need to replace your existing combi boiler. You may need to spend £800 to buy the new boiler, £600 to install the boiler and £150 for accessories for installation.

Which totals to around £1,630, and it is about the cheapest offer that you will get. Sometimes if there is sludge in the system, you will need to add a power flush, which will increase the cost to roughly £2,130.

A large home

If you have a large home, and you want to move the combi boiler into a new position - the new boiler will be about £1,000. Of this £1,000, £700 will go to radiators and a power flush. You will need to add £300 for the extra piping, a thermostat for £200 and £150 for accessories bringing your total to around £3,450.

How much can you save by replacing an old boiler?

Thanks to Energy Saving Trust, we are now able to give a reasonable estimate. You can make the most savings if you have an old inefficient boiler and a big house. If you are changing to a new A-rated boiler from an E rated one in a mid-floor house, you will only save around £55 on fuel. If you are replacing an F-rated boiler in a large home, you could see up to £210 in savings.

However, it will take about seven years for the expenses of replacing a G-rated boiler in a semi-detached house to payout, and if you return a D-rated boiler in a flat, it could take as much as 20 years to payout. The efficiency differences in the old and new machines are responsible for these differences. If your current boiler needs replacing, it makes sense to find the most energy-efficient heating system.

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