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Who Needs A Pre Purchase Drain Survey

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Who Needs A Pre Purchase Drain Survey

Who needs a pre purchase drain survey?  If you are buying a home or business, you will want to ensure there is no hidden drain problems. Find out who benefits from a pre purchase drain survey.

Do I Need A Pre-Purchase Drain Survey?

There is a whole host of reasons why drain surveys are a helpful and vital process for homebuyers to undergo when buying a property or household. 

The initial reason to have a survey performed is that it will allow you to cover aspects of your home that a standard property survey won't. 

Many who perform average property or building surveys do not have the knowledge or tools to accurately assess your drains or entire household drainage systems. 

A home buyer drain survey is critical if you genuinely want to know everything about a house or building before buying or getting it covered.

Pre-purchase surveys ensure you successfully identify any significant, expensive issues and allow professionals or the existing owners to fix them before handing over the keys. 

You can even agree with the previous owners to cover the unblocking or necessary drain repairs at a lower asking price. However, please remember that many previous owners will not be willing to cover the costs of repairs once you have moved in, so pre-purchase surveys are essential.

Many mortgage providers and lenders usually request you have a pre-purchase drain survey completed on a home before they agree to hand over a loan, so such surveys could also aid you in purchasing a house or property in the first place.  

 Insurance companies tend not to have the same access to the drain's structural condition as plumbing engineers do, so they cannot cover any issues that occur after the property is purchased.

What is a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey?

For first-time buyers, a pre-purchase drain survey may not have been something that you considered or crossed your mind as it is not regarded as a household purchasing requirement. 

However, without a sufficient drain survey, you may become unaware of the existing problems that may not be visible from above ground or with a sole visual inspection.

Who needs a pre purchase drain survey

Commercial properties must undergo a pre-purchase CCTV survey on their drainage systems, just like any domestic dwelling. 

If not, unexpected issues will be added as an additional expense to the business account and could also create downtime for staff once your building opens for business again.

    Benefits of Pre-Purchase CCTV Drain Surveys

    Pre-Purchase Report Information

    The information collected by a professional CCTV report assists sellers and buyers who want to ensure and secure a sale and helps home buyers have insight into the system they will be using. 

    Friendly services will ensure you have all the details to safely purchase your home without worry.

    Drainage System Responsibility

    Your CCTV drainage report will allocate the person responsible for your property's sewage and drainage systems which is often an aspect many homeowners do not fully consider until they begin to notice drainage problems like blocked drains or leaks. 

    In the same way that property boundary reports, CCTV insight from a drainage inspection will allow you to avoid disputes with neighbours, legal issues and confusion.

    Drain Mapping

    Pre-purchase surveys will typically include a drainage and sewage system map; they can help save you money on expensive investigating in the future where costly repairs are concerned. It's essential to have this information on hand in your home, especially if you consider selling the home or building in the future.

    Detailed Reporting

    Many plumbing professionals have state-of-the-art devices and equipment to allow for a detailed verbal report, with video footage and images to display the condition of the drainage system for a property or household. 

    All details collated help identify faults, blockages, and potential issues and are to be referred to by professionals when selling a building. 

    Friendly teams of engineers will be happy to explain the faults in-depth to potential sellers and buyers to highlight any remedial work required to be fixed before. Contact excellent services in your local area for a free quote and more information.

    Uncover Loose or Damaged Connections

    Without a thorough inspection that includes CCTV footage of the property's drainage system, homeowners will not be aware of their system's faults. For example, disconnected pipes could lead to incorrect flow levels or detrimental leaks. 

    A pre-purchase survey effectively detects and reports significant issues before they get the chance to worsen or before people make a purchase. 

    Pre-purchase reports and inspections are also beneficial for new builds. Plenty of home builders contact expert teams of plumbers to scope out the drainage system to assess it and check that it aligns with the expected standards.

    Main Reasons to Undertake a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey


    The information collected by a professional CCTV report assists sellers and buyers who want to ensure and secure a sale and helps home buyers have insight into the system they will be using. 

    Friendly services will ensure you have all the details to safely purchase your home without worry.

    Identify issues to be resolved before a property purchase

    Drain surveys allow customers and potential buyers to identify issues and attempt to have them professionally fixed and resolved before purchasing the property and become fully responsible for covering all the costs. 

    CCTV cameras can flag specific drainage issues during the inspection.

    A detailed drainage report

    Often if a generic household on the market has a property report, it doesn't always state any drainage issues unless they are significant or even glaringly problematic. 

    Most inspectors performing site surveys do not have the tools to assess the drains or even access them, so it's paramount to ensure you employ or hire a professional plumber to perform a complete drain survey to receive a detailed report.


    Many companies across the UK may not provide property insurance for those that plumbers find drainage issues inside at a later date. 

    However, some insurers tend to offer discounted rates for the property or home based on the previous pre-purchase drainage survey results, especially if the drain was proven faultless or with inexpensive repairs.

    What Does A Home Buyers Drain Survey Involve And Include?

    Benefits Of Pre-Purchase CCTV Drain Surveys

    Drain surveys are just as essential as the average RICS survey for homebuyers or complete building survey performed by skilled, chartered surveyors. 

    Drain surveyors are skillfully designed to assess the overall condition of the property's drainage and its pipework before potential homeowners purchase the house.

    These surveys aim to allow the buyer a comprehensive and detailed view of the drain system, displaying any signs of damage. These potential common problems exist that could result in costly repairs down the line and their level of effectiveness. 

    Professional plumbers that perform these surveys and inspections tend to look for a variety of things in the pre-purchase process, for example: 

    •  Leaks or signs of potential leaking
    • Tree root ingress
    • Damaged or faulty pipework
    • Collapsed pipes
    • Backed-up sewage
    • Blocked drains.

    The drain survey will cover a vast number of areas of the drainage system, as it is not all about looking at the drains themselves for signs of damage because signs could crop up all about your home. 

    Once completed and all aspects identified, as the homeowner, you can utilise the information from the survey to decipher whether or not you wish to buy the home. For many people, the state of the drains can have an incredible impact on their decision and tends to affect the offer figures of landlords or previous owners.

    However, the survey is essential for providing buyers with specific plans of what work must be done after they have purchased the property. 

    For example, it may let them know that they will also need expensive repairs on pipework; it may be an easy buy if such is within their budget. 

    Do you need a drain survey in Southampton or Hampshire? Follow the link below to find out more about local blocked drain services.