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What Happens When A Boiler Is Serviced

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What Happens When A Boiler Is Serviced

What The Engineer Will Check

Each annual service often starts with a thorough visual examination that assesses whether your boiler model and the gas pipework have been positioned and installed correctly. It is then the role of your local engineer to analyse whether your old or new boiler system is working safely and properly and see whether or not they detect any faults that require repairing.

To follow, they will then go a step further, removing the boiler casing to check the components involved in its mechanism. Once they've checked that they are functioning safely and efficiently, your gas safe registered engineer will then clean the boiler components inside, as often, if any part becomes dirt-ridden, they fail to work.

Here is a list of the boiler features your professional will check during a gas boiler service:

  • They will check the correct gas pressure and flow.
  • They then check the flue and combustion. Engineers will utilise a flue gas analyser to ensure your boiler burns the correct mixture of air and gas and check whether the flue is blocked. 
  • They must check electrical connections to ensure they are clean and in tip-top condition.
  • All seals must be intact, and the pilot light is on. All fans and significant components must work efficiently.
  • They check all safety devices.
  • All electrodes must be in good condition to function.
  • The pipe and condensate trap or pipe must not be blocked.
  • Finally, they check the gas and hot water pipework. 

Boiler service checklist

 Visual inspection

Most qualified engineers begin a boiler service with a visual inspection. They will clean the boiler compartments and adjust components where necessary, assessing them for signs of damage or immediate, visible distress. 

 Operation & control

Your household boiler provides numerous safety devices and controls that engineers will test to see if they operate correctly. All aspects of your boiler must function adequately for the health and safety of your household or family. 

 Flue & combustion releases

The route of the flue pipe from your boiler to the outside of your home, overall construction and termination are all checked by your engineer. It's their responsibility to ensure there are no obstructions to your boiler's flue and flue terminals during the flue check and that they are safely fitted. 

 Clean the main boiler components

Your gas safe registered engineer is encouraged to remove, visually inspect and clean all the significant boiler components, ensuring they are equally fit for their purpose. They will assess to see if they can find any noticeable defects or faults.

Some of the main parts they check include the flue ways, ignition pins, the heat exchanger and the main burner. Cleaning helps your gas appliances and boiler function at their highest potential. 

 Checks & tests 

There are numerous tests that engineers must tick off their checklist during a boiler service inspection to ensure all compartments of your boiler are in good working condition.

  • They check the operation of your flame sense device
  • They check your cables, probes and the pilot burner
  • The high-limit thermostat is checked
  • The boiler's operation overall
  • They check for adequate ventilation
  • The flue's effectiveness
  • All electrical wiring connections are checked
  • They assess the boiler's location and any nearby combustible materials
  • They inspect the gas and pressure flow
  • The safety devices are checked
  • The seals are also checked

Conduct a record

Your gas safe engineer will complete a series of checks and tests so they can conduct a thorough record of all aspects, including the heat input and the boiler pressure. Homeowners and landlords will then keep a copy of this information handy for future inspections, new tenants and when issues arise. 

Ensure the boiler is ready for use

Your engineer will do a final check to see whether your boiler is working efficiently when your service has finished. They will ensure that any settings or controls that they may have adjusted or altered are replaced with the customer's settings or left so that you, the customer, can readjust them to your preferred setting.

At Hampshire Emergency Plumbing and Heating, we have gas safe registered engineers that are happy to provide thorough advice on how we conduct our boiler services and all advice on how to look after your boiler. Most boiler services typically follow the same formula; however, your boiler type will also affect the additional checks. For example, your engineers may complete checks on the drainage system for those with condensing boilers inside their households. 

How long does a full boiler service take?

The duration of a boiler service depends on the model and manufacturing brand of boiler you have. The length of a typical service is approximately 30-60 minutes; however, if your engineer comes across any faults that need to be immediately repaired, servicing can take much longer.

Once the job has been completed, there'll always be time to ask your local engineer any questions if you have any concerns about the check-up. Professional engineers are always happy to explain their process and advise you on how best to keep your boiler running smoothly. 

Boiler check-up cost

The cost of a complete boiler service will vary depending primarily on your location and the type of boiler unit you own. For a standard-efficiency boiler, servicing may cost you approximately £50-£80; however, a high-efficiency condensing boiler can cost around £80-£160 to have serviced.

You must remember that in London, boiler services are likely to be more expensive than in smaller, more local rural areas. Servicing throughout the summer is a great option, as this is the period when boiler engineers are least busy, and therefore, you can save plenty of money.

The following list consists of the main factors checked by professionals during an annual boiler service that ultimately can impact the overall cost:

  • The type of boiler you own, for example, combination, system or regular boiler
  • The location you live in
  • The type of boiler fuel and the amount in the main injector
  • The model and manufacturer
  • The location of your boiler inside your home
  • The engineer rates

Suppose your manufacturer's warranty is no longer valid to cover your boiler; you can choose to pay monthly fees for your service plan and boiler cover.

In doing so, you can guarantee your annual service is taken care of; however, these monthly fees will eventually add up to potentially more than the cost of a complete boiler service. 

Should I get a yearly boiler service?

Yes, an annual boiler service is paramount for regular maintenance and the safety and efficiency of your household. Having your boiler checked approximately once each year or every 6-12 months is essential as this is one of the ways you can improve your boiler's efficiency.

With frequent visits and inspections yearly, you can have peace of mind that you and your family or household will be safe, and therefore, you can save money on your long-term central heating costs. Boiler servicing will also help avoid spending hundreds on repeat boiler repairs or even more costly boiler replacements.

A yearly boiler service is vital for keeping your boiler warranty valid for the necessary years. An annual boiler service ensures that your boiler is running safely and efficiently to keep your family safe, which is why it is considered a legal requirement. Regular servicing goes a long way to increasing the life span of your boiler and saving you money through the reduction of costly repairs.

Gas boilers that are not maintained or damaged can be very dangerous due to the risk of leaking carbon monoxide gas, which leads to poisoning.

What Happens During A Boiler Service?

Firstly, our engineer will inspect your boiler and its controls to ensure they are working correctly. During this inspection, the engineer will pay particular attention to any weak points, leaks and possible corrosion damage.A Gas Safe engineer will remove the boiler case to check the main components are operating as they should.

You must never remove your boiler case yourself. A gas pressure check will ensure your boiler is operating at the correct pressure with no dangerous emissions being released into the air. Once completing a service, an engineer will provide a service report detailing the work that has been carried out along with the steps to take to keep your boiler fired up and working all year round. 

They will also present with a Gas Safe Boiler Service Certificate that demonstrates the completion of your annual safety checks. Engineers will service the boiler as per the manufacturer's requirements. Please ask the engineer if you have any questions about your boiler or getting your boiler regularly serviced.

Why A Boiler Service Is Important

Here are just a few reasons why you should get your boiler serviced annually:

A boiler service allows the engineer to identify safety issues such as a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas which can quickly cause brain damage and, in some cases, death.If you're concerned that your boiler may not work, you should contact a Gas Safe engineer immediately.

If you're in our local area, call our company number, and we'll be right there for any emergency heating services.

As the boiler ages, it can become less efficient, which means it needs to use more fuel to heat your home, which will cost you more money. An annual service will ensure all the components are in the best possible condition and deliver a higher efficiency level for longer.

A regular boiler service will help keep your energy bills down and save you from an unexpected boiler breakdown.

Your boiler will usually include a manufacturer's warranty of between 1 to 15 years, which means any faults that develop in that time will be repaired free of charge. However, this warranty is only valid if you get the boiler serviced by a Gas Safe engineer every year.

If you require Boiler Servicing in Southampton and the surrounding areas, contact our specialist heating engineer today. Follow the link to find Boiler Servicing near you.