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What Are The Benefits of Combi-Boilers

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  • 10-09-2019
What Are The Benefits of Combi-Boilers

Combi-boilers are a popular type of boiler all over the world, especially in Europe and the UK. Combi-boilers instantly heat the water when you turn on a tap or shower. With this type of boiler, they are economical, easy to install and provide an unlimited supply of hot water. However, you may be wondering what the benefits of a combi boiler are? And why should you replace your existing system?

What are the advantages of a combi boiler?

A combi boiler is a popular type of boiler due to its efficiency, practicality and user-friendly design. It is the first choice of boiler customers in the UK.

Why are combi boilers so popular?

unit instead of two separate units. They don't need another boiler placed in your airing cupboard. That is how it got the name: combi boiler. The combi-boilers don't store the water in tanks like other regular boilers. Instead, it heats the water in the main supply.

Unique features of a combi-boiler

These boilers are known for its very high efficiency. Combi boilers instantly heat your home as well as your water supply whenever you need to. It also saves lots of money because there is no need to heat water storage. Choosing this type of boiler can potentially decrease your electricity bills.

Condensing boilers are not very efficient due to their design. According to some heating engineers, the majority of the installed boilers are combi boilers because its easy to install, operate, and maintain. A combi-boiler allows you to use your shower and taps at the mains pressure because it directly supplies the hot water to your taps and shower. There is only one unit and a few pipes because there is no external tank connected. The maintenance cost is also significantly lower because of the single unit.

Flow rate and heat output

If you want to buy the perfect combi boiler, then you must consider the flow rate and heat output before purchasing the product. Heat output can be affected by many factors such as type of property, size of the property and amount of water that is needed for heating. The BTU or British thermal unit is used to measure the heat output. In case you have any queries, you can always ask the installer. The flow rate refers to the speed of the water at which it runs through the heat exchanger.

The speed of water is inversely proportional to the heat of the water. A combi-boiler is a preferred choice for those who want an efficient, quick, easy to operate and easily installable boiler.

Is a combi boiler right for me?

The combi-boiler is a preferred choice of boiler in Europe, especially the UK. It has many advantages like the continuous supply of hot water, user-friendly design, high efficiency, instant heating and easy installation. If you want to buy a combi boiler for your home, then it is imperative to consider factors like flow rate and heat output.