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What Are Signs Of A Blocked Drain

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What Are Signs Of A Blocked Drain

What are signs of a blocked drain? Find out what you need to check for if you suspect you have a drain blockage on your property. 

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Warning Signs of a Blocked Drain:


Water Draining Slowly

Although it's been said that time is a great healer, when it comes to clogged drains, time will simply make matters worse, which might cause major harm to the drain or even cause it to start overflowing. 

When the water in your shower and toilet starts to drain more slowly, it might be a symptom of a problem. If the drainage is really poor, the water could not flow away at all; if the water drains slowly from all of these fixtures, you have a clogged drain; if your impacted toilet or washbasin is blocked, the problem is probably with the fixture itself.

You can always tell when a drain is blocked; the best locations to check are sinks and toilets, where you could notice that water is draining too slowly. If the blockage is severe enough, flooding may happen in these locations; if only one location is impacted, the pipes in that appliance may be to blame. 

If your sink drains water efficiently but your toilet doesn't, for instance, it may be because a particular pipe in the toilet drain is blocked; in this case, you may observe slow water movement throughout the house. 

When using a water appliance, you could occasionally notice that water emerges in an odd place; this could be a sign that the exterior drains aren't functioning properly. If you are not an expert in this field, you should enter the manhole even if you might need to inspect it.


Gurgling Sounds

When you run the water or flush the toilet, you may hear a gurgling sound that is caused by air that has been trapped in the pipes and is being forced up through the system. This sound may be an indicator of a blockage, especially when it is present together with one of the other warning signals.


Water Draining Slowly

It seems to sense that your drain won't be at its most fragrant if it's plugged. Bits of food and other organic waste becoming stuck in the pipes and beginning to decay can cause a blocked drain to smell terrible. Running the water will frequently exacerbate the odour since it irritates the germs. 

One of the most evident signs that a drain is blocked is the foul odour you experience in your surroundings. Items that cause blockages begin to rot and smell while they are within the drain. 

Before you see any outward signs of a drain obstruction, you could smell it. You shouldn't ignore the smells in your environment; instead, you should identify their source so that you may address the drain blockage problem at the proper time if it is the cause of the stench.

What Are Signs Of A Blocked Drain? Drain Unblocking Southampton

What Can I Do If I Have A Blocked Drain?

Any of the above-mentioned symptoms of a blocked drain might be an indication that you need to have the issue treated right away. 

Determine who is in charge of clearing the obstruction first; often, you are only in charge of the components of the system that are located inside the limits of your house and are only utilised by it. 

You should take care of and have any blockages in the drainage system of your property rectified. The local water and sewage company is in charge, nevertheless, if just a portion of the system is contained inside your property's borders and other portions are shared with other homes.

After determining whether you are in charge of solving the issue, you may proceed to have it fixed. It is usually worthwhile to hire a professional since it will be difficult to detect the blockage and assign responsibility for repairing it without assistance. 

If the blockage is located off-site, you should report the issue to the relevant utility provider and wait for them to come out and fix it. 

For starters, blocked drains encourage the growth of germs that can lead to allergies and other illnesses, which can have a number of negative impacts on your health and the health of those you care about. 

You may notice poor water drainage in your sinks at this stage, and occasionally they will remain stagnant. This water contains bacteria, and the longer you use the sink, the greater the danger of viruses and infection. The obstruction in the drain prevents water from draining, causing a flow back.

The microorganisms that spread in the adjacent water and air aggravate allergies in you or a member of your family. The contaminated water and air are especially irritating to people who suffer from skin disorders including eczema, hay fever, and asthma. 

The contaminated water, when left to remain in the pipes, poses a risk to your health due to the development of legionella and other bacteria that flourish in stagnant water. Bacteria are the cause of legionnaires' disease, which results in coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath. 

If you come into touch with helicobacter, a typical bacterium found in drainage systems, you run the risk of developing peptic ulcers, which are characterised by sores on the stomach lining. As children are more susceptible to these ailments, it is best to take safeguards now rather than later, when the damage has already been done, when it may be too late.

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What Can Blocked Drainage Companies Do for You? Southampton and Hampshire

What Can Blocked Drainage Companies Do for You?

If you own a house, you could occasionally experience drain issues. Simple problems like your sink's inability to drain water or a clogged toilet are among them. 

Companies that clear clogged drains also provide other services. Drain jetting, CCTV inspections, and drain lining repairs are some of them. Drain jetting is a technique used to clear obstructions from your pipes. Using a high-pressure jet with a lot of water is part of the service. Anything that can obstruct water flowing through your drain is removed.

Every home should do a thorough CCTV drainage survey. The tools employed for this process gather enough data about your drain so that when the experts find the issue, they can start planning solutions. Drain lining repairs are used by blocked drain firms to replace broken pipes. They may also fix clogged ones, and they make every effort to cause as little interruption as possible while they work on the drain problems.

If you require drainage services in Southampton and the surrounding areas, contact our drainage specialist today. Follow the link to find  emergency drain unblocking near you.