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What are the benefits of power flushing?

Better Energy Efficiency: When specialised cleaning equipment is used, it releases a chemical into the radiators and boiler pipes. Removing rust, sludge, and other things built up over time means less energy is needed for it to work correctly.

Potentially lower energy bills: Due to the chemical removing some of the blockages, this makes it more efficient with its energy, and so there might be less energy consumed compared to before.

Potentially increase system lifespan: With the rust and other things removed from the system, the boiler and pipes have a better chance of later as they are not working as hard to circulate the water around. 

Radiators Heat Up Faster: Due to the obstruction being removed, this might help the water flow much better, and the hot water can reach the radiator more quickly. This could mean that the plumbing could be much better than before. 

Who Should Perform A Power Flush?

Although you can perform the power flush yourself, if you are not sure about what you are doing or how to do it correctly, you may damage it. Calling a plumber is a better option as they are more qualified in this field, and it might take less time than doing it yourself. Also, it would be best to let those used to it do the task due to the chemicals being used.

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Signs Your System Needs A Power Flush?

Cold Spots:
When the central heating system is turned on and the hot water is flowing, check the radiators. If some of the radiators have cold spots and this does not go away within some time of the heating being on, this could be a sign that there is a blockage somewhere, and a power flush is required. 

Hot Water Inconsistent:
If it is very little or no hot water being outputted, you may require a power flush as this could be a sign of the pipes being blocked, so the hot water does not reach you. 

Colour Change:
When bleeding the radiators, if the colour that comes out is not normal, this may be due to rust and other blockages stopping the water from circulating correctly. It would mean that you would require a power flush as well. 

Please bear in mind that although these are common signs when a plumbing issue, not having these signs does not a power flush isn't needed anyway.

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How Does A Power Flush Work? 

 A pump will be connected to your central heating, and the plumber will use this to send the chemicals throughout the system to get rid of any impurities. We might also use some other equipment on stubborn blockages that are still there inside some pipes or radiators. These jobs can sometimes last from a few hours or longer, depending on how bad it is. 

Q: What is Power Flushing? 

 A: Power flushing is a procedure that involves using specialised equipment to clear out any sludge and rust built up in your heating system over years of use to improve the heating output and efficiency. Over time, the components of your central heating system, such as the radiators, or your boiler, will begin to rust as part of natural wear and tear. Eventually, this rust will mix with the water in the system and turn into sludge, building up in the piping and causes blockages, particularly in modern systems that may have narrow pipework. Blockages, or at least partial blockages in the piping, can lead to decreased functionality and efficiency in your heating system.

Q: When do I need a power flush? 

 A:Though you may not use your central heating system very often in the summer, you might still spot some of the following symptoms, which may suggest that your system is due for a clean:  

  • Reduced hot water temperature   
  • Uneven radiators, cold spots or may not work at all.   
  • Your heating system is slow to start up.   
  • The central heating pump fails regularly.   
  • The boiler not staying on.   
  • Fluctuating hot water temperatures

Do you require power flushing in Southampton and Hampshire? 

If you have noticed any of these symptoms, it’s recommended that you give your local heating engineers, such as EPH Plumbing and Heating, a call. Even if it turns out to be nothing at all, regular servicing and maintenance are invaluable in prolonging your heating system's working life and ensuring that it’s working at optimal levels. 

For your power flushing quote or any information regarding our services, please call 07852 583 351 to speak with a friendly team member or use our e-mail contact form to forward your inquiry.

If you are having problems with your central heating, you may benefit from a Power Flushing. Suppose you have ever noticed that your central heating system's efficiency dropping, or if there are any cold spots on your radiator, it’s likely that your heating engineer will suggest power flushing to remedy it.  

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