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Boiler Repairs Southampton

If you live in Southampton and the surrounding areas, then good news! With Hampshire Emergency Plumbing and Heating as your local heating engineers, you are guaranteed a prompt response and whenever you call on our services. All of our engineers are fully trained for your peace of mind, including full Gas Safe registrations to work on gas boilers.

We have the knowledge and equipment required for an accurate diagnosis and efficient resolution. If you notice any of the following symptoms on your boiler, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Emergency Boiler Repair Southampton, Hampshire

Common boiler repairs

At Hampshire Emergency Plumbing and Heating, we have the skills necessary, gained over years of experience in boiler repairs, to deal with any boiler service you might need in Southampton and the surrounding areas. 

No matter the severity of the issue, our skilled heating engineers are standing ready to provide boiler service to get you going again and keep you free of problems.

Common boiler repairs include broken thermostats, motor failures, valve issues and leaking pipes. Our experienced team are on hand to assist with boiler repair for any of these everyday problems. 

Our heating engineers based in Southampton can get you back up and running in no time, from changing thermostats and valves to more critical boiler repairs. 

While more severe repairs will take longer than a single call out to remedy, rest assured that boiler repair Southampton will get you going again as soon as possible. We will always inform you of how long we expect boiler repairs to take, giving you a care-free experience knowing that your boiler is in good hands. 

How much do boiler repairs cost?

Depending on the severity of the repairs needed, boiler repairs can cost anything from £150 for replacing a broken valve to over £400 for more severe problems. 

How much do boiler repairs cost? Southampton

From £150 for replacing a broken valve

£  150/ minimum

To over £400 for more severe problems. 

    £   400/ upwards


If you notice water leaking from your boiler unit, or from the pipes, it's important that you do not attempt any repairs yourself. It could be due to an internal part which came loose due to incorrect installation or corrosion, and should only be replaced by a qualified engineer.

No Heat or Hot Water

This is perhaps the most obvious sign that your boiler is having problems. This can be caused by several issues, such as a faulty thermostat or other broken parts. This can cause a major inconvenience in the colder winter season so it's important that you call us without delay.

No/Uneven Heat in the Radiator

If you don't notice any other symptoms, it's likely that there could be something wrong with the radiator itself, such as a build up of rust and sludge. Rather than repairing the boiler, you might only need to flush or bleed the problematic radiator.

Types of boilers

The three most common types of boilers you may find in the UK are combi boilers, regular heat-only gas boilers and system boilers. Each has its unique heating uses and specific benefits. 

System Boilers

System boilers provide the space-saving of the combi boiler with the capacity of a conventional heat-only gas boiler. The boiler itself contains many of the external components found in traditional gas boiler heating systems. 

System boilers can then provide hot water to multiple places in your home, as well as heating, without the need for a cold water tank in your loft. However, they are expensive to install and, like conventional gas boilers, will lose heat from the water when not used. 

Regular Boilers

Conventional heat-only gas boiler systems can provide multiple tasks with hot water all at once. Unlike combi boilers, they have components external to the boiler itself, such as a water tank in the loft or a circulation pump. 

In this type of gas boiler, a hot water coil or storage tank will store the water, so you will need to actively heat the water before using it, meaning a conventional gas boiler can not provide you with hot water as quickly as a combi boiler can. 

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are the most popular form of boiler in the UK. They provide hot water on demand, yet they are not the best boiler for all situations. 

While a combi boiler is compact and neat, with no need for an expansion tank, it can only service one task at a time with hot water. Combi boilers also contain many parts, meaning more can go wrong. 

Boiler brands

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch models such as the CDI and a Greenstar 25I/30I are very successful, offering new boiler 5 to 10-year warranties. Installing Worcester products such as a filter can also extend your warranty.

Viessmann Boilers

This German boiler service company are the largest boiler suppliers in Europe, offering reliable and robust boilers. The Viessmann Vitodens 100-W is one of the best combi boilers out there. 

Ideal Boilers

This British company have come a long way in the past ten years, selling tens of thousands of new units a year. Unlike Worcester, their warranty is simplified, offering 2, 7 and 10-year new boiler warranties. 


While they do not have Worcester's prestige, this boiler supplier is up there with the best. They offer excellent warranties and a support team for boiler installations and to help you with any problems. 


This boiler supplier rivals all its British competitors, offering combi, regular and system boilers. 

Alpha Boilers

This boiler suppliers Italian designed boilers are the perfect choice for a tight budget.


Potterton boilers are rated very highly by engineers for boiler installation and offer great longevity. 

Glow Worm

What Glow Worm's boilers lack in longevity, they make up for in affordability.   

Whistling, Gurgling or other noises

Though they can be caused by minor issues such as air in the system, these noises can be quite discerning when you notice them. An experienced engineer will be able to use the sound to diagnose the fault.

Boiler Repair near me

Just like your vehicle, regular maintenance is key to prolonging the working life of your boiler. Annual servicing is usually recommended in the warmer summer months when you are not using your boiler, so that when you do need it later in the year, you have the peace of mind that your boiler is working at optimal condition with minimal risks of breakdowns.

We work throughout Southampton and the surrounding areas of Hampshire including:

  • Southampton
  • Eastleigh
  • Fareham
  • Lymington
  • Portsmouth
  • Winchester
  • Havant
  • Chichester
  • Sailsbury
  • Bournemouth
  • Andover
  • Basingstoke
  • Christchurch
  • Gosport
  • Hythe
  • Hamble-le-Rice
  • Romsey
  • Downton
  • Whiteparish
  • Totton

Are you looking for Emergency Boiler Repair in Southampton or Hampshire? To arrange a quote for any boiler repair or maintenance, please simply contact us via 02381611621 or use our e-mail contact form to forward your enquiry.

Benefits of regular boiler servicing

When it comes to your boiler's health, prevention is the best form of defence. Catching minor boiler issues before they can develop into significant and expensive problems is the best way to care for your boiler. And what is the best way to catch these issues early? With regular boiler servicing, of course. Hampshire Emergency Plumbing and Heating offers professional boiler servicing to local customers in Southampton and those throughout the surrounding areas of Hampshire.

All boilers gather debris and deposits over time as they work. Once these deposits build up enough, they can prevent your boiler from working properly. Regular servicing can help keep these deposits to a minimum, ensuring your boiler stays in the best condition. Other benefits of regular boiler servicing include:

  • Increased safety - carbon monoxide leaks are one of the biggest threats boilers can pose to your safety. Roughly 200 people every year suffer carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK, with one person every week dying from exposure. Therefore, you should have your boiler regularly serviced to keep you and your family safe.
  • Reliability - when the winter months roll in, the last thing you need is your boiler giving up on you out of the blue. This is very common in the winter, given that your boiler will be working overtime to heat your home. To prevent this, call on Hampshire Emergency Plumbing and Heating to conduct your regular boiler services. If your boiler is already experiencing issues, our Gas Safe registered boiler engineers also offer an emergency boiler repair service from our base in Southampton.
  • Fuel efficiency - properly maintained and serviced boilers burn fuel more efficiently than those left to fall into disrepair. Our team at Hampshire Emergency Plumbing and Heating will assess all of the working components of your boiler to ensure it operates at the most efficient level. This will help you save on your monthly bills and prolong the life of your boiler. 

Our boiler services also include a 24/7 emergency boiler repair and inspection service for clients throughout the surrounding areas of Southampton. We can conduct all aspects of boiler maintenance, from cleaning to corrosion and poisonous emissions checks, flue tests, and pressure checks. 

Why Replace, When You Can Repair?

Boiler replacement is an expensive and sometimes unnecessary step to take. When you find you have a broken boiler on your hands, calling on Hampshire Emergency Plumbing and Heating to inspect your boiler and make any required repairs is the best way to resolve the issue. We are more than happy to offer professional advice on how to best care for your boiler. Although, you should never attempt to fix your boiler yourself. Work such as this should only be conducted by Gas Safe engineers.  

Do You Have a Boiler Emergency in Southampton?

If you experience a boiler emergency in Southampton or anywhere in the surrounding areas of Hampshire, Hampshire Emergency Plumbing and Heating is your number one stop for emergency boiler repairs and maintenance. 

We offer a dedicated, 24-hour emergency service to all our customers. No matter the time of day or year, our team of Gas Safe registered boiler engineers are on hand to help with anything you need.

If you have a boiler emergency on your hands, have any queries about our reliable services, require expert advice, or want a free, no-obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today. 

For emergency boiler repair Southampton, Hampshire Emergency Plumbing and Heating and our excellent services will get you back on your feet again. 

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