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Boiler Installation Near Me

Emergency Plumber Hampshire Ltd are based in Southampton, with over 40 years of experience and reputation as Hampshire’s leading plumbing and heating specialists. We have a team of friendly engineers who are fully trained and certified for your peace of mind. Customer satisfaction has always been a priority of ours, so you can expect utmost professionalism from our team.

All boiler units installed by Emergency Plumber Hampshire Ltd are sourced from reputable manufacturers and known for their reliability and high efficiency. If there is a problem with your existing boiler, we will always aim to repair it before recommending a replacement unless it’s the most cost-effective option.


What type of boiler is best for me?

A:  Just as each property is different, so are the heating requirements and most suitable boiler options. There are several types of boilers available, each with their pros and cons, and are suitable for different properties. Emergency Plumber Hampshire Ltd are experienced with all major brands of boilers, and will be more than happy assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable solution for your home.

Choosing a boiler

There are several major factors which can influence the type of boiler you choose:

Hot water demand

How many bathrooms and taps are they are in the property, and how much hot water are you likely to use? Correctly identifying the demand is on the most important factors in order to accurate gauge your need. For example, if there are multiple bathrooms that are likely to be used at the same time, you may want to opt for a system boiler to avoid fighting or waiting for hot water.

Property size

A domestic home will understandably need a smaller boiler than a large commercial office block. As the boiler will also be responsible for the main source of heating in the property, you should also take that into consideration and choose a model with a sufficient output.

Size & position

The size of the property is also one of the most important factors in deciding which boiler you should get. If you have a small home, a combi boiler may be the only viable option as they are generally compact and doesn’t require any additional installation such as external storage tanks. Alternatively, if your home already has header tanks installed in the loft, you may want to opt for a conventional boiler which utilises them.