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Are Combi Boiler A Good Idea

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  • 28-09-2019
Are Combi Boiler A Good Idea

Are you ready to replace your older boiler? Or are you wondering if a combi boiler is the right boiler for you? Maybe you just moved into a new home or your existing boiler broke down because it's obsolete or more than 12 years old. If you consider replacing it, combi boilers are the best and most efficient boilers to go for in most cases. They offer heating and water on demand while also saving space.

Benefits of installing a combi boiler

Getting rid of the water tank is among one of the main reasons why you should consider a combi boiler. It helps to create more space in your property, especially in apartments and small houses.

For a conventional boiler, hot water tends to be produced twice a day despite whether it's used or not - usually in the morning and the evening. Conventional boilers ignite and produce hot water whether you use it or not. So if the water isn't used, it will eventually cool down, resulting in the waste of energy. Combi boilers generate hot water only when you require it. For most people, this will result in significant energy savings.

How combi boilers work

A combi boiler is always on a constant standby mode; thus, it doesn't have a day off. Even during your sleep, the boiler will be in a state of high alert to quickly deal with your needs.

Instead of heated water storage in a large tank, this boiler does much more at the last minute. After turning on the hot tap or starting the shower, the cold water whooshes from mains passing through the combi and comes out heated up. If you are using a regular heat-only boiler, will a change to combi be worth your effort and money?

Replacing your existing heating system

Be sure to establish your existing heating system as well as where you would like the boiler to go. Deciding the location of the boiler earlier on will help to determine whether a combi boiler is suitable for installation in your home. A system boiler is similar to a heat-only boiler, except that it doesn't need a supply tank and an expansion tank of cold water in the attic. A combi boiler works by supplying hot water frequently without the need for a hot or cold water tank.

After turning on hot water taps, the combi boiler starts to fire up and in turn heats the water flowing out of your pipes. Because the storage of hot water isn't required before using it, a combi boiler is considered to be more economical and efficient.

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